Frequently Asked Questions




How does my Ruler Growth Chart attach to the wall?


Ruler Growth Charts come with a hook to make it easy to securely mount to the wall. "Command Strips" can be used as an alternative.


Where can I see your Ruler Growth Charts?


We are a permanent fixture at Melbourne's major craft markets. Throughout the warmer months, we are at markets each weekend. Please feel free to get in touch if we haven't posted the details of our upcoming markets on Facebook. We also sell through exclusive boutiques and are happy to point you toward one in your area. Additionally, we participate in larger shows, such as the Sydney Baby and Toddler Expo.


How do I write on my Ruler Growth Chart?


Pens, pencils and permanent markers (like fine Sharpies) all work well and look great. Pencil can be easily used for the initial marking. You can then go over it with ink later as a permanent record. Alternatively, our Milestone markers (in different colours so several children can be recorded and distinguished) have been very popular, especially for people putting their Ruler Growth Chart on display in a prominent part of their house.


What if I want something a bit different?


Please get in touch. As our Ruler Growth Charts are hand-made, we can work with you to tailor your ruler. Examples include changing the numbering system, adding logos, such as sporting teams, kindergartens or businesses and using different timber sizes or types.


Is there a limit to how many names I can put on my personalised Ruler Growth Chart?


No, we are happy to add long names and several children's names to your Ruler Growth Chart.


We are a tall family. Will my Ruler Growth Chart be large enough for when my child grows up?


Ruler Growth Charts go up to 208cm (6 foot 9 inches) so will probably be tall enough. We are happy to make them taller if you have a giant in the family!


How are the numbers and letters applied?

Each ruler uses a premium grade vinyl decal. This allows perfection across the product. It won't bleed or fade and will last for generations to come. The product is rated for 30 years externally. So if kept inside there is every reason to assume it will last well beyond this. 

Where is collection from?

Collections are available Monday to Friday anytime after 10am. We are located near Chadstone shopping centre. 3163 



Returns Policy.


We pride ourselves on the quality and accuracy of our rulers. However, due to the handmade nature of our product, occasionally human error may occur. We will make good any error that is our fault. Shipping costs included. Please contact us immediately, providing photos, to discuss how we can best rectify the problem. 


If your ruler arrives damaged please notify us immediately, providing evidence of damage to packaging and ruler. Once you have provided photos of the damage we will discuss a course of action. Please note, refunds, excluding delivery charges, will only be provided once original ruler and packaging have been returned to us at your cost.  


There are no refunds on personalised products for change of mind. We are however happy to discuss options to rectify the problem.